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Need even more definitions? LT1 24x Conversion Parts. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Other bets are not as strong. Gambling mathematics Mathematics of bookmaking Poker probability. What does the phrase " double or nothing" mean?? Bigger payoffs are made possible by smaller win frequencies, lr attempting to double your money in one shot should only be done on a bet that has a high frequency of wins.

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At this point, if "double or nothing" is offered, that's the equivalent of betting $25 on the next game. If Jon wins, he is in the clear; if Justin wins. And this is where I'm leveling myself Double or nothing roulette Your long term expectation from betting like this is exactly the same as flat  Baccarat % winning strategy? - Other Gambling. it means betting the double of what was originally bet like if it was $5 then it becomes $10 if u double it. and if u lose u get nothing.